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Pushing into new areas is at the core of what we do. We deliver engaging, insightful and entertaining content.


Social learning is central to our approach. Here you will find like-minded professionals taking the same journey as you.


You deserve to build confidence and competence. We use a novel quality assurance system to allow you to innovate.

Learning Zone

Get involved and explore our suite of learning management systems with incredible functionality. Everything from certificates, achievements, social learning, fun quizzes and much more.


Access, explore and navigate around all your courses and features.


Browse our full course catalogue. Hopefully something for everyone.


Our memberships bring a number of courses or activities together.


We have the unique capability to connect you with fellow students.

Travel Health Pharmacist Independent Prescriber Support Programme

Click the link below to register for this programme

We are driven by values

We know that pushing forward into new areas of practice is hard. You are not alone. If you have specific questions about how to make best use of our learning management system please get in touch with me.

And remember there is a forum here with other students on similar journeys to you.

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