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PIP LIVE Future of Pharmacy Panel revealed

Pharmacy in Practice is proud to announce its inaugural conference scheduled for Thursday, 23rd May 2024, where Scotland’s leading pharmacy organisations will converge to deliberate on the future of pharmacy practice in the country. This groundbreaking event, meticulously designed by practising pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, seeks to celebrate and disseminate world-class pharmacy practices that have become synonymous with Scotland.

Managing Director of Pharmacy in Practice, Johnathan Laird, emphasises the significance of the collaborative aspect, stating, “The collaborative aspect of that last session is really very important to me. It is not a surprise to me that the leaders of the prominent Scottish pharmacy organisations are willing to hold discussions on the same panel because for years north of the border they have collaborated closely. Nonetheless, we are very proud to host such a panel in the spirit of collaboration at our first conference.”

This unique gathering aims to foster and deepen a sense of unity among Scotland’s pharmacy leaders. Mr. Laird acknowledges the profession’s underrepresentation across the broader healthcare system, noting that collaborative efforts like this are vital to elevating the profile of pharmacy and amplifying its positive impact on patients.

The profession of pharmacy has witnessed a rapid pace of change, and the conference will serve as a platform for insight, leadership, and collaboration among the foremost pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in Scotland.

“As such, the insight, leadership, and collaboration between these leading pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are vital. Every individual and organisation in the pharmacy ecosystem has to be performing to a high standard for us to be collectively recognised for the positive impact we deliver for the people of Scotland.”

The Pharmacy in Practice conference promises to be a landmark event that not only celebrates the achievements of the pharmacy profession in Scotland but also sets the stage for a collaborative, united, and impactful future. Attendees can anticipate thought-provoking discussions, shared experiences, and a renewed commitment to advancing the practice of pharmacy for the benefit of the people of Scotland.

The Future of Pharmacy in Scotland Panel

Johnathan Laird

Managing Director Pharmacy in Practice

Matt Barclay

CEO Community Pharmacy Scotland

Alison Strath

Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for Scotland

Andrew Sturrock

Director of Pharmacy and Postgraduate Pharmacy Dean at NHS Education for Scotland

Maurice Hickey

Pharmacist Defence Association Head of Policy Scotland

Claire Steele

Past President of the Association of Pharmacy Technicians

Laura Wilson

Royal Pharmaceutical Society Director for Scotland

Siobhan McGuinness

GPhC Director for Scotland