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Decisions, decisions


Learning about branding and marketing seems like a rabbit hole with no end. I’m aware that there is always more to learn about both subjects on a surface level.


I’ll be at it a lifetime.


Not least because the tactics available, the ways we can communicate with each other, are forever changing and that change is accelerating. Just when you think you are reaching a point of clarity, or perhaps just after you have done so, it can suddenly become fuzzy with new questions popping up demanding answers.


This has happened to me recently. Having completed one of the most advanced Brand Management courses anywhere on planet earth, performing near the top of the cohort in the assessment and building on earlier learnings about Marketing, I felt like the mists had lifted. A calm clarity settled on me. I can tell the wood from the tress. I can sort the wheat from the chaff. The worthwhile from the pointless.


So why, very soon afterwards, am I left with a nagging sense that there is still something deeper, still something more to learn?


Following some half-formed notion in my mind, you’ll understand where that came from by the end of this article, I followed a train of thought and began studying psychology. A new wave of revelation washed over me. Through branding and marketing, we seek to influence the actions of humans. That relies on understanding what drives those actions – the human mind. Oh my. The rabbit hole suddenly became a whole lot deeper.


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