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It’s a paranoid world out there, and humans have a knack of surviving germs and bugs. But every year we’re offered flu jabs.


If we go on holiday to certain countries we’re given vaccinations against all sorts of diseases. The illnesses and diseases can kill, but humanity has survived this far by building up its immunities to some of them.


Unfortunately, these days there are “superbugs” – MRSA, Clostridioides difficile (aka C-Diff) and others. Sadly, these superbugs tend to be contracted in medical facilities such as hospitals, so the health organisations in this country have gone a bit mad in an attempt to try to eradicate the germs at the source.


This resulted in cleaning programmes in hospital wards, operating theatres, ambulances, ambulance mess room.


Yes, mess rooms.


Places where ambulance crews relax while they wait to be called out. Someone is employed to make sure these facilities are kept within strict guidelines for infection control set out by people in offices. Our messroom was a small room with three smaller rooms attached to it. One of these rooms had once been a shower room but was now used to store equipment we used on jobs, and our PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) kit bags.


Since it had once been a shower room, the light was turned on by means of a pull string attached to a switch in the ceiling. During one random infection control check, our messroom was failed because this short length of string was deemed to be an infection hazard because it clearly had an impact on the way we did our jobs on the road.


The solution – slip some tubing that came with an oxygen mask over it. The next visit it passed.


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