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21 questions to ask before signing up to a pre-reg training event

Babir Malik


There are a plethora of companies who want your money to run pharmacist pre-registration events. Here are 21 questions that you should ask before handing over your money.


  1. Who are they? Lots of companies do not actually say who they are in their “About us” section on their website.
  2. Is the person trying to get you to book for their session financially motivated to do so?
  3. Do they get paid per number of attendees or per session?
  4. Does the promotional material make outlandish claims about how great the session will be?
  5. Who will be running the session?
  6. Are you expecting one person and end up with someone else?
  7. Is the person running the session doing it for the first time?
  8. Do they have any teaching experience?
  9. Do they have a teaching qualification?
  10. Are they recently qualified so can empathise with you even though they have no experience?
  11. Are they very experienced but sat the exam several years ago or not at all?
  12. Are you fully aware of what the session will entail?
  13. Have you got feedback about the company from recently qualified pharmacists?
  14. Have you asked to see anonymised feedback from the company from previous sessions?
  15. Is there any pre-work?
  16. Is the venue appropriate? E.g. parking and access from the train station.
  17. Will refreshments be provided?
  18. Will you be able to contact the company to ask further questions after?
  19. Is it affordable for you?
  20. What resources will you be able to take home with you?
  21. Is there someone you can contact after the event to clarify information?


No one can guarantee you will pass and you do NOT need to attend every pre-reg event!


In recent years Babir Malik has been involved in running pre-reg events for a range of organisations. The views expressed are his alone.

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