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How do we diagnose sepsis in children?


Sepsis in children is something that we all fear. It is difficult to define and difficult to diagnose early. This millennium has seen a huge rise in the presence of sepsis in education, campaigns and guidelines. I believe that one of the reasons that we’re talking about it so much is that we’re still trying to understand what we mean. Within that, we are trying to find ways to explain some of the things that we know. That is because a lot of what we know about recognising sepsis is tied up in tacit knowledge.


Tacit knowledge refers to the things that we know but are not easily explained. For example, it is difficult to explain all the elements involved in driving a car. Much of what we do in our lives rely on tacit knowledge.


How do you find things? How do you figure things out?


These are far easier to do than to explain.


The very nature of the recognition of sepsis makes it something that needs completely taking apart and putting back together.


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