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Interview: Scottish NPA representation manager Janice Oman

Janice Oman Regional Representation Manager (Scotland) at NPA


Why did you become a pharmacist?


I became a pharmacist as it is about supporting patients and seemed to offer the right mix of science with maths. I always loved the environment of my local community pharmacy as a child, going regularly with my parents and understood that the pharmacist was an expert in medicines yet very much available to patients.


The school I went to was keen for me to do pure maths which my dad lectured in, so I was not too enthusiastic for that as it would have meant long maths conversations over dinner for quite a few years.


Where did you work on your first day as a pharmacist and what do you remember about that day?


I worked in Johnstone Boots on the first day as regular relief pharmacist one day a week. I got married the day before I registered, and since I knew I would not be working as a pharmacist until after I got married I arranged for my certificate to be in my married name. So the first day working was when I got back from my honeymoon and was about getting used to being called Mrs Oman, as the pharmacist in Boots at that time was always known by their surname and title. I kept thinking someone was asking for my mother-in-law. I don’t remember it being a stressful day just that everyone was really nice.


What previous roles have you undertaken as a pharmacist?


I have worked for corporate and private groups of pharmacies, across Glasgow, Paisley and Stirlingshire. I always enjoyed working where the area was more challenging and thoroughly enjoyed my first non-Boots role as manager in the east end of Glasgow. I was nominated for Pharmacy Champion in Forth Valley when the role was introduced which brought new experiences representing community pharmacy in the Board and to patients. I realised how little other health professionals were aware at that time of the benefits pharmacy brings to patients.


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