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Leading2solutions: Five Ways to be more Confident

Hello fellow pharmacists and welcome to the eleventh article in the 5W2 series, Five Ways to be more Confident.


As you are probably aware this 5W2 series is a selection of short articles on strategies and techniques to support our emotional development within our professional roles. Previous articles are as follows:


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I have been working with younger pharmacists recently and when asked what help they need with their emotional development one of the most common responses is:


“Help to be more confident.”


So this article will provide you and others with five simple techniques that you can start using today to will help with your and others confidence.


Before we get into the detail, it’s perhaps worthwhile clarifying some of the wording that is used when referring to overall confidence.


Confidence – is having a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something.


Self Confidence – is trusting in your abilities, capabilities, judgements and believing that you can successfully face whatever you have to deal with daily.


Self Esteem – is the way you think about yourself and how worthwhile you feel, in other words, how much you appreciate and like yourself.


What do all three definitions have in common? Each one depends on how you choose to think about yourself, others and situations. So the impact on our overall confidence is within our control.


Some assumptions I have made in writing this article:


  1. We are all born with the potential to be confident.
  2. Based on our life experience to date, we have adopted beliefs about ourselves which help us or hinder us
  3. The beliefs that hinder us are the ones rooted in some kind of fear relating to our ability to succeed.
  4. Once we understand what the fear is we can change our thinking about the fear and enhance our confidence.


“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage and confidence in the doing” Theodore Roosevelt


Here are 5 simple strategies to change your beliefs and manage your fears that are holding you back from becoming the confident person you have the potential to be.


  1. Flip your Focus
  2. Story Telling
  3. Body Posture
  4. Perception Shifting
  5. Modelling Success


Click here for number one – flip your focus


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