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My first road traffic collision – the diary of an ex-paramedic

No matter what you want to call it, the coming together of two objects often ends in injury, or worse.


I had not long started when I was called to my first fatal RTC (Road Traffic Collision). I think they were still known as RTAs at that point (Accident) but later someone decided “accident” implied that no-one was at fault. I was still working in the big city, it was winter, the roads were icy and there were celebrations going on.


One driver, of a rather large car, had decided one for the road was not enough. Suitably oiled himself, he had taken a large corner too fast and slipped over to the opposite carriageway halfway round, straight into the path of an oncoming 4×4. Not a scrappy German, WAG taxi style 4×4, a real, solid built one.


The result of the head-on collision was spectacular.


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