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PIP editorial board member in focus – Victoria Rutter

The Pharmacy in Practice editorial board is an advisory group who help to guide the direction of the content of this site. The role of the editorial board is vital to ensure that all materials produced are of the highest standard. Although the board members do not have direct input into the creation of the content they will help steer the future direction and give robust feedback when appropriate.


In the coming weeks, we will feature each editorial board member and showcase their career highlights.


Victoria Rutter



Victoria Rutter MPharm PGDipClinPharm FFRPS MRPharmS is Executive Director, Commonwealth Pharmacists Association is widely recognised for her involvement in the pharmacy professional development arena at a global level, both through publication and presentation of her work at numerous international conferences and events.


After spending 10 years practicing in Singapore and developing several cross-country partnerships to support the development of the profession overseas, Victoria’s current role as the first executive director of the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association (CPA), supporting the development of the profession across the Commonwealth, seemed a natural progression to her career when she relocated to the UK in April 2016.


In the same year, she was also appointed as the representative for non-government organizations on the Commonwealth Advisory Committee on Health (CACH).


Liaising closely with the Commonwealth Secretariat and the CPA’s Executive Committee, her work is currently focused on initiating and developing projects and activities supported by the organization, particularly around antimicrobial resistance, substandard and falsified medicines, and provision of accessible and affordable post-graduate education and training.


Victoria is also a master practitioner of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and consults for the pharmacy communications and leadership training company Pharmacy Management.

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