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PIP editorial board member in focus – Sharron Gordon

The Pharmacy in Practice editorial board is an advisory group who help to guide the direction of the content of this site. The role of the editorial board is vital to ensure that all materials produced are of the highest standard. Although the board members do not have direct input into the creation of the content they will help steer the future direction and give robust feedback when appropriate.


In the coming weeks, we will feature each editorial board member and showcase their career highlights.


Sharron Gordon



Sharron is passionate about the role of pharmacists in caring for patients. In over 20 years in NHS practice, she worked in both specialist posts and senior manager roles initiating therapy as a prescribing pharmacist.


Her work has been shortlisted for two Health Service Journal awards and won 3 awards from patient charities.


She currently spends her time split between improving anticoagulant therapy and running a Winchester based aesthetics clinic.


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