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Time wasters – the diary of an ex-paramedic

If the people who use the above statement knew where scary amounts of their money were used, they may have a greater respect for ambulance crews. So here we go.


A significant number of the jobs I was called to involved drugs & alcohol. No great surprise, but the day after was more of a time waster. While more of the jobs were to overdoses or D&Is (Drunk & Incapable), those patients actually are at risk. The ones that call an ambulance because they have a severe hangover or are suffering strange after effects from legal highs…..those are the true time (and money) wasters.


I once travelled 20 miles one Sunday morning, under lights & sirens, to a patient with a severe headache. This can sometimes be a symptom of a stroke, so we treat the job as such until we know better. But some things didn’t ring true. The patient was too young, there was no history, no overweight warning…


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