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Ambulance chasers, yes they do exist – the diary of an ex-paramedic


“…..and don’t follow me through red lights!!” It sounds silly but it’s happened! The relative or relatives of the patient make their own way to the hospital and decide to follow the Ambulance. That’s fine unless the ambulance is rushing the patient in! Or, on the way to the hospital, the job starts as a non-emergency but the patient’s condition deteriorates.


All too often your crewmate sticks his head through the window into the front cabin and quietly says “GLF” (Go Fast!). A swift radio call to Control to inform them you are upgrading the call (in case you involved in a road traffic crash) and the blue lights and sirens are fired up. This would often alarm the relative(s) in the following car and they’d then try to keep with the ambulance all the way to the hospital to find out what happened as soon as possible.


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