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Leading2solutions: Five Ways to Enhance your Communication

Hello fellow pharmacists and welcome to the ninth article in the 5W2 series, Five Ways to Enhance Your Communication.


This 5W2 series is a selection of short articles on strategies and techniques to support our emotional development within our professional roles. Previous articles have focused on “Managing Stress”, “Using Mindfulness”, “Self Coaching”, “Maintaining Energy levels”, “Being more Resilient”, “Dealing with Bullying” and “Manage your State of Mind”.


If anyone would like to read previous articles please click on the following which will take you to the articles page on my website here.


This article has been influenced by some of the learnings I have gained from mentors and role models throughout my career and in particular, a guy called Owen Fitzpatrick who I follow on social media, read his books and have done a masterclass and weekend seminar with. He is extremely pragmatic, practical and inspiring. For more information click here here.


So here are Five Ways to Enhance Your Communication:


  1. Know your Audience
  2. Inoculation
  3. YES Sets
  4. 4MAT Model
  5. The Power of Metaphors

Click here for number one – Know your Audience


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