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“I’m sorry sir, we’re a bit busy trying to save a life at the moment. We’ll be moving soon.” – the diary of an ex-paramedic

Firstly, when did I choose to become “mates” with an arrogant, selfish person? At that point, the anger you feel is quite difficult to control. You want to retaliate strongly, but you have to prevent the situation from escalating unnecessarily and try to resolve it in the best way for everyone.


The last time I heard it, we had been called to a cardiac arrest. The patient’s heart had stopped and time was important. I didn’t look for a parking space, I stopped outside the patient’s house, pulled in the handbrake and we made haste inside to deal with the poor soul. We got them onto the trolley (stretcher) and took them out to the Ambulance to attempt to stabilise them before transporting them to the hospital, swiftly.


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