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Leading2solutions: Five ways to increase your resilience

Hello fellow pharmacists and welcome to the fifth article in the 5W2 series. The 5W2 series is a selection of short articles on strategies and techniques to support our emotional development within our professional roles.


The inspiration for creating this 5W2 series was my Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy (CLIP) Research Project titled:


“The Pharmacy Profession – Competence to Confidence”.


One of key findings of this project was that we rightly place a strong emphasis on our professional development but perhaps there is less focus on the softer skills that help us understand and manage our own and other’s emotions. Broadening our development focus could enable us to move from a competent profession to a truly confident profession, where we value our contribution, see ourselves equal to other healthcare colleagues and embrace and deliver the changing pharmacy environment.


Each article in this series includes tried and tested practical self-development tools. Previous articles have focused on “Managing Stress”, “Using Mindfulness”, “Self Coaching” and “Maintaining Energy levels”.


This fifth article is Five Ways to be more Resilient, and will look at the following 5 strategies:


  1. Know your Purpose
  2. Know your Worth
  3. Learn to Re-Frame
  4. Choose the right “Mystic”
  5. Quality Improvement (QI) of Self


There are a number of definitions of Resilience and the one I always come back to is a definition I heard while attending training on Positive Mental Health at my local GP practice:


“Resilience is the ability to access positive emotions when you are under stress


The reason I like this definition is that it makes clear that resilience is within our control and can be developed by adapting the way we choose to think. So, here are Five Ways that you can adapt your thinking to be more resilient in your Pharmacy role.


Click here for number one – Know your purpose



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