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RPS election candidate profile – Thorrun Govind

Thorrun Govind

I am PROUD to be a pharmacist on the front line, working in an increasingly pressurised healthcare environment.

Workplace pressure impacts on all sectors. I see this every day as a community pharmacist. Pharmacies need to be run safely, yet safe staffing levels are a major concern.

Pharmacists need support.

No pharmacist should feel alone or be working alone. England needs a strategy to increase access to pharmacists. Patients must have access to face to face care. I’m already a passionate advocate for pharmacy in broadcast, print and social media.

If elected I’ll ensure that the RPS:

  • Continues to be the voice for pharmacy.
  • Campaigns for safer pharmacies.
  • Stands up for the individual pharmacist.
  • Widens patient access to pharmacists

A fresh voice for pharmacy. A voice for pharmacy, a voice for the individual- Thorrun Govind (@pharmthorrun)

Thorrun Govind is a community pharmacist working in England and is running for election to the RPS English pharmacy board.

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