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Vox pop: Why are you a member of the RPS?

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Sureena Sharma

I FIRST joined the RPS as a preregistration student and have been subscribed to them ever since. Throughout prereg I felt the RPS provided such useful information which was beneficial to my learning needs, for example, on the reclassification of medicines as well as providing mock exams and revision courses.

I find the RPS offers a range of material which helps keep me updated on current topics and emails me nearby events which contribute towards CPD. These events are not only great for learning but also a way to network with others in the same field.

Being a member, the RPS provides me each year with the latest MEP, which as a community pharmacist this booklet is integral to my work. Furthermore, they also send me magazines and journals both of which give me an insight into the latest research and developments, which I would probably be oblivious to if it weren’t for the material they provide.

The RPS’s ethos of supporting pharmacists and improving the public’s health and wellbeing is in line with my own and it is for these reasons that I am a member.


Nahim Khan

IF I wasn’t a member, I’d miss having access to the back catalogue of PJ articles, access to supports resources and the support enquiry service. I’d miss that level of support. I’d miss knowing that that level of support is available – even if I didn’t use it.

I’ve benefited a lot professionally from the RPS Faculty. I was originally an RPSGB member and continued my membership with the RPS, I thought about letting my membership lapse, but it felt strange to me – being a pharmacist and not being part of our professional body. It’s about proving to me and others we need a strong unified voice and currently there is no other organisation that provides that.


Tom Gregory

I’M a member of the RPS because I think all pharmacists should be. I’m sure it isn’t perfect, but it’s our professional body which means that we have to be a part of it to be able to shape our profession.

Pharmacy is a fragmentary profession at the best of times, with so many different organisations representing pharmacists’ interests across the various sectors, but only one united professional body.

I don’t think we can standby idly by and complain about the difficulties the profession is going through if we aren’t united with one voice. Of course, the other bonuses are the monthly PJ and a copy of the MEP!


Avril Tucker

I’M a member of the RPS because of their advocacy work. They have a clear vision for pharmacy that will give the profession direction in the coming years.

We are a profession that, historically, has kept quiet about what we can do. Thanks, in part to the RPS, this is no longer the case. We are becoming much more visible and prominent within all aspects of health care. The RPS is integral to showcasing this and the role we can play in multi-disciplinary working.

They also represent the pharmacy profession at national level through lobbying the Welsh Government (and other devolved administrations) for new roles for pharmacists, access to patient medical records etc. We need to have these sorts of conversations at the highest levels in order to drive progress.

In addition, the RPS have moved the profession forward through developing standards, knowledge and capability frameworks, which will link to both RPS Faculty and GPhC revalidation. In my opinion, very few of our colleagues from other healthcare professions understand the pharmacist’s role, or our career pathways.

The RPS Faculty is a method of showing the level at which we are working, in a way that is understood by all. This transparency allows others to take note of our clinical skill and acknowledge the contribution we can make, not only to improving patient outcomes but also for the sustainability of the services that provide the care.

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