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Prescribing pharmacists – the future

Andrei Baiceanu

delighted that Andrei showed interest and published an article on prescribing I wrote on his site.

To view my piece published recently on Andrei’s excellent Romanian blog please click here

Andrei has featured previously on Pharmacy in Practice and you can read this blog below.

What’s it like to be a pharmacist in Romania?

Andrei talks a little about himself below.

My name is Andrei Baiceanu and I am a pharmacist from Romania (small country in Eastern Europe, poor people – big motivation). I have things that I can tell you about me and things I should not. I will start with the should not list, a little honesty is refreshing:

I am sometimes obsessive-compulsive (or convulsive, as some say) a bit agitated, sometimes stressed from next to nothing. I look at the bright side – I believe I’m a perfectionist. I love to talk (sometimes too much and about everything).

It’s in my nature, my personality to reach out to people, find out more about them and share ideas. Another important thing you need to know about me is that I get excited and enthusiastic about the things I like. Just thinking of all the cool, interesting things I am going to write for you on this blog makes me want to start as soon as possible. Last, but not least, and the most important part is that I love what I do!

I take pride and put a lot of work in being a good pharmacist, communicator, educator. Having worked in a community pharmacy, as a pharmacy resident in hospitals, teaching pharmacy students and, lately, doing medical research as a PhD student taught me a great deal. I want to share my experiences with you!

Join me in discovering new ideas, ways of thinking and exploring the possibilities through which we can improve ourselves!

Andrei’s blog


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