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If elected to the RPS pharmacy board, what will be your two top priorities?

This question was posed as part of the RPS election process. It got me thinking…

Firstly, I would continue the fight for pharmacists to gain routine read/write access to patient records in Scotland.

Without this access, pharmacists will simply never be able to practise to their full potential, whether in prescribing or non-prescribing roles. The professional responsibility, the unprecedented clinical opportunities and for the first time the potential to work seamlessly as a member of the multidisciplinary team regardless of setting, is an opportunity far too significant to miss.

It is impressive to note the excellent level of patient care pharmacists currently deliver without visibility of the full patient history. I wonder has this made pharmacists a little more cautious than we need be?

We have the knowledge and the skills, and we are tightly regulated, so in my view it really is time to let us into the multidisciplinary team to deliver for patients.

There is still time to vote in the RPS board elections if you have not already done so. Good luck to all the other candidates.

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