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Pharmacist Support…assistance for newly qualified pharmacists


ONE in a series of blogs from the profession’s independent charity Pharmacist Support. This blog pulls together some of the support available to those entering the profession.

The first few years of pharmacy practice can seem a little bit daunting, however there is lots of support that can help to get your career off to the best possible start.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS)
The RPS offers recently qualified pharmacists a package that includes career support, professional recognition and a range of resources. For further information, visit the RPS website.

Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate education (CPPE)
The CPPE offer a range of programmes to assist pharmacists with development of knowledge and skills. These include advanced services such as medicines use reviews (MUR) and the new medicine service (NMS). For further information, visit the CPPE website.

Looking for work
There are many job sites to help you to find employment. We have compiled a list of specialist pharmacist sites, locum sites and more general job sites. To view these, see our Looking for work: job vacancy sites fact sheet.

Working as a locum
Pharmacists who are struggling to find work might want to consider working as a locum. For further information, including paying tax, personal indemnity insurance and employment rights, see our locum fact sheet.

Pharmacist Support
The charity also provides a range of free and confidential support:

  • while people are unable to work, we can provide specialist advice on benefits entitlement
  • for people who are struggling to manage their finances, we can provide specialist debt advice
  • financial assistance towards essential expenditure in times of hardship may be provided to those affected by loss of work. Examples of help include course and travel costs, registration fees and help with household costs
  • where individuals are struggling to deal with stressful issues, we can provide a Listening Friend.

There is also a whole host of information on our website that covers a variety of topics including joining the register, managing debt, mindfulness, whistleblowing and bullying.

For further information as well as details of  the work of the charity, visit the Pharmacist Support website.

Pharmacist Support is the profession’s independent charity providing a range of free and confidential support services to pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists, trainees and MPharm students.

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