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Read/write access to patient records – what do pharmacists think?

Graham Phillips
Graham Phillips

Royal Pharmaceutical Society is asking members for their views on pharmacists having read/write access to patient records. The question is, as a pharmacist, if you were granted properly consented access to your patients’ medical record how would you use it to improve your day-to-day practise?

I would like to show my support for this campaign via this blog…

Below are some views expressed by pharmacists on Twitter in response to the question by @rpharms in the opening Tweet.

@rpharms: #Pharmacists: If you had “read&write” access to integrated health records, how specifically would you use it to improve patient care?

@RSharmaPharma: I can think of many things! Lots of projects we are doing with community pharmacy around prevention of LTCs! (Long term conditions)

@irnbrufan: to safely assess then update after minor ailment consultation.

@louisapower: @RSharmaPharma @rpharms completely agree, the opportunities would be endless. Shared records = effective collaborative practice.

@kevbizarre: update med doses/info upon admission and d/c from secondary care – so much paed med information is wrong on GP record!

@Michaelwsh: Deliver even better, safer and joined-up high quality person-centred care

@LyndonWhyatt: record and advise on what was discussed and agreed with patients about their health

@AbsoluteGem: Lots of uses – MUR outputs, test results – BP, inspiratory flow rates, improving health literacy and self care for LTCs, allergies

@JohnathanLaird: #pharmacists Check for allergies when dispensing antibiotics

@JohnathanLaird: #pharmacists Necessary for all safe prescribing activity by pharmacists

@JohnathanLaird: read/write access to records is a ‘key enabler’ for all future #pharmacist activity. Well done @rpharms for making the case! @ashsoni0607

@KatieNorris53: improved use of NMS and MURs. No need for gp appointment if we can review in pharmacy.

@KarenPharm: improved records of physical health needs & monitoring for people with mental health illnesses #cmhp15 @CMHPUK @CNWLNHS

@grahamsphillips: @p_gouda1 How about read/write access to the patient electronic record (so long as the patient agrees)

For more about the Royal Pharmaceutical Society campaign, clichere


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