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In pharmacy, prevention is better than cure!

Milan Tomic
Milan Tomic

is and must be a blanket that will protect us from a number of chronic diseases.

Prevention includes the application of non-pharmacological measures. This allow us to, on the one hand, reduce the risk of the development of some diseases, and on the other, if the disease already exists, potentially increase the effectiveness of the prescribed therapy and thus the likelihood of a better outcome.

These measures often include diet. This includes a variety of foods on whose quantity and origin we have to be particularly careful. A good diet is really only of use in combination with appropriate physical exercise. Of great significance is the cessation of smoking, reduced consumption of alcoholic drinks and avoiding stressful situations if possible.

Stress, a factor in many psychosomatic diseases: peptic ulcer, ischaemic heart disease (angina pectoris and myocardial infarction), and hypertension. Long-term tension and frustration at the lack of solving life’s problems can, especially among young people, lead to increased internal tensions and psychological overstretch which often results in taking drugs or medication poisoning.

The question is, whether the implementation in practice of all that encompasses prevention, depends only on the firm will of the individual to change his lifestyle?

Today, however, society has an enormous task in raising awareness about the major role of prevention. A joint approach is necessary here and must include: Government and the Parliament, health institutions, schools, as well as journalism, radio, television, public figures, publishing and social media activity.

It is obvious that one must invest much more effort than before, because our statistics cruelly reminds us that every year there are an ever greater number of deaths from cardiovascular disease, complications of diabetes (type 2), cancer and other life threatening conditions.

Milan Tomic is a pharmacist, and head of department for the distribution of medical devices at a hospital in Belgrade, Serbia 

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