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Pharmacy projects in Scotland – don’t keep them a secret

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Ross Ferguson
Ross Ferguson


I LIKE to think I keep up-to-date with what’s happening with pharmacy in Scotland, but I‘m regularly surprised when I hear about a pharmacy project that’s been going on for some time that I didn’t know about.

For the majority of community pharmacists, who for the most part are unable to to attend the various conference and events, unlike their primary care colleagues, we don’t know the great work that is happening in other Health Board areas.

Maybe it’s a just a consequence of the years of Scottish news being generally ignored by London-based pharmacy publications that means those involved don’t consider it worthwhile sharing.

About a year ago I tried to get information about the Prescription for Excellence projects that were happening in all the Health Board areas in Scotland. Out of a dozen or so e-mails I only received two responses with information on a few projects. Maybe all the other projects are state secrets? Sometimes it seems that way.

We at Pharmacy in Practice want to share all the good work that’s happening throughout Scotland.

So, here is a plea. If you’re involved in a pharmacy project in Scotland, don’t keep it a secret, please e-mail and we can tell our eager readers all about it.

Ross Ferguson is an ex-contractor, has been lead community pharmacist and pharmacy champion for a CHP in Scotland, a member of the contractors’ committee and also has experience as a locum and an employee pharmacist. He is a pharmacy & healthcare writer, member of the RPS Faculty and has created a children’s medicines app, Kid-Dose

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