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#hellomynameis Adelaide and I am me!



I am Adelaide.

I am 2 years old and I am about to start playgroup. I’m going to meet new friends there.

I love playing with my brothers. My dolly and bunny are my favourite toys.

I can say many words but mummy and I sign in Makaton. I understand everything and I sign around 50 signs now.

Some days are very tough on my mummy.

We have lots of appointments in hospital. Every week many people visit our home where they work to help me develop and learn.

When I do something for the first time my brothers celebrate.

I love music and singing.

My daddy calls me speedy because I crawl so fast now. I stand and walk while I hold his hand and this makes my mummy cry.

My point is that although I have Trisomy 21 commonly known as Down’s Syndrome. I am achieving my goals and living life like any typical little girl.

I am amazing because I am me.

I am Adelaide. 

This is world Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week. We ask people to wear brightly coloured socks to represent that people with DS have an extra chromosome (and socks look a little like a chromosome). Adelaide was born with Down Syndrome – this means that for some things she needs some extra help but for us she is like any other little girl who enjoys the world and is truly loved.

If you would like to support Down Syndrome Scotland, please text Down21 £5 to 70070.

~Thank you~ x

Angela (Adelaide’s Mum)

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