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An open invite to be a guest blogger on pharmacyinpractice!


HAVE you got something to say, or to share, or to get off your chest? Can you educate, inform or inspire pharmacy professionals? Do you know of any local pharmacy projects that would be of interest to others?

Then we’d love you to contribute to Pharmacy in Practice.

As you can see from the site, there are articles from many contributors with a range of qualifications, skills and experiences: pharmacists, GPs, nurses, students, patients and many more.

Everyone is welcome to contribute. Read the information below, then please consider submitting an article.

You know you want to… no need to be shy.

About Pharmacy in Practice?
You can read more about the website and us here.

Why do you do it?
It’s fun (we do it in our spare time for free) and we want to share information that is useful.

How do I submit a blog?
Simply e-mail your piece to or Blogs can be written, video or audio in nature. Please include a brief description of your current role and your Twitter user name.

What happens after I submit it?
The article will be edited and scheduled for publication.

Do contributors get paid?
Are you having a laugh? Your payment is the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you see your article on the website and the knowledge that it’s probably helping improve professional practise.

Why should I bother?
Don’t you like feeling warm and fuzzy? Well, it’s a great entry for your RPS Faculty portfolio, it’ll look good on your CV and is excellent for engaging with other healthcare professionals.

Are there any guidelines in terms of word count?
There is no strict word limit, however, around 500-600 words seems to work well.

Are there any golden rules?
This is a blog for pharmacy professionals, so any articles have to bear that in mind.

So, there’s a good chance your experience and knowledge could help others, don’t keep it to yourself.  It’s time to get sharing. Please get in touch!


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