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Another standard day in community pharmacy

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YESTERDAY as the sole pharmacist, I checked around 500 items. With the help of a great team of dispensers we also managed to speak to some patients: I spoke to an elderly lady with depression who was having trouble sleeping; advised a lady about her daughter’s rash; confirmed a young boy had a verruca; dealt with a number of other minor ailments and issued MAS prescriptions; and gave an emergency supply to a patient from Ireland who had forgotten his metformin.
We also supervised consumption of methadone and suboxone; issued two CPUS prescriptions for patients who had run out of their medicines; helped an elderly disabled lady whose car had broken down contact the AA; and I got accused of looking like Jimmy from Take the High Road (the young version clearly). All this while explaining to a number of surprised patients (who’d handed in their repeat rxs to the surgery on Friday afternoon) that this was only Monday, so no, their prescription wasn’t here yet. And yes, the manager is off this week; I am the occasional (second favourite*) locum.

*awaiting official verification.

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