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Pharmacy in Practice

At Pharmacy in Practice we have gone back to our editorial roots. We have slowed things down and will publish insight and opinions on the UK pharmacy scene.


The Pharmacy in Practice podcast includes conversations with a wide range of pharmacy-related folk. We love to add context and move beyond the headline.


We publish insightful articles written by industry experts. Occasionally we will run a series when we delve into a particular topic and explore all sides of the issue.


We now host an annual conference. The theme last year was ‘The Future Pharmacist’. The conference is available on the conference page below and on the podcast feed.

Conference, podcasts and Question Time events.

Pharmacy in Practice is happy to announce that Pfizer has kindly sponsored our 2023 Conference, Podcasts and Question Time events this year.

The Pharmacy in Practice 2023 Conference, Podcasts and Question Time events have been sponsored with financial contribution from Pfizer Ltd. Pfizer has had no input into the content.
Please click the link below for promotional digital initiatives organised and funded by Pfizer which may be of interest.
This content is for UK Healthcare Professionals only.
PP-UNP-GBR-3652. February 2023.

Janice Perkins on how to lead in pharmacy

This podcast interview is with pharmacist Janice Perkins. Janice has over 30 years of leadership experience in community pharmacy.  She’s the former Superintendent Pharmacist of Well Pharmacy.

Scottish community pharmacy prescribes the right medicine

This podcast interview is with Richard Stephenson. Richard has been Chief Operating Officer at Right Medicine Pharmacy for approximately 13 years. He is also Managing Director of the buying group Edinpharm and leads his own consultancy business, R5 Consult. 

Educational content

Education in Practice is our brand-new website dedicated to education in the community pharmacy arena. The website will be in development for the next few months.

Professor Lis Neubeck describes the basics of atrial fibrillation management and how accessing various data sources might help.


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